Sweet and Simple Chysoprase Necklace
Sweet and Simple Chysoprase Necklace

Sweet and Simple Chysoprase Necklace

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 A simple but sweet necklace featuring a teardrop shaped and faceted chyrsoprase stone suspended from a delicate 14k gold-fill elongated cable chain. Closure - handmade hook and eye clasp.

Chain length: 18" (adjustable)

Chrysoprase is known for manifesting optimism, joy, and happiness and is known as one of the best mood stabilizers in the world of crystal healing. Chrysoprase properties encourage a more positive outlook on life. Keep this gemstone in your corner if you have emotional challenges like depression, anxiety, or stress - this stone will help you to remember to always look on the bright side, even during cloudy weather.

A Note About My Jewelry

I create powerful, unique, and sacred adornment crafted from Earth's finest gifts. All of my jewelry is hand-made and hand-finished, from natural and often recycled or repurposed materials. I try to use every bit of metal on my bench and not let anything go to waste. In this way, all my pieces are somehow related - melted, remelted, cut, recut, weaving together so many stories being told through the jewelry. No two items are exactly alike and my pieces will have natural imperfections - I believe it is these slight imperfections that give hand fabricated items their soulful character and appeal.